meteoric rise?! / by BLAAK

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'Another menswear line we’ve had our eye on — Blaak Homme — seems to be making a bit of a meteoric rise at the moment and given what we saw this past week at Paris Fashion Week, it should come as no surprise.
For F/W 10, designers Sachiko Okada and Aaron Sharif see only in black and white. While other designers we’re into aren’t seeing in black and white, per se, there are numerous collections that have shown in the past few years who severely limit their palettes (generally to two colors) when designing their collections, which helps in giving lines an overall sense of continuity that’s much more difficult to achieve otherwise. Black will always be the de facto color for the serious fashion designer, but lately white has taken back seat to beige and taupe, the minimalist, not-so-stark and muted cousins to black’s former partner.
Check out the images below for a taste of what’s up for Blaak Homme for F/W10. We think you’ll like it.'

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